My commissions are open!
The information on this page is just an estimate so please email me at [email protected] or use the contact page with information about your idea to see if I'm a good fit for your project!

Right now my estimated turn around time for commissions are 1-2 weeks. I stay in contact with my clients throughout the entire commission process so if something gets delayed, you'll know right away!

I take payment through PayPal or I can set up a unique listing on my website. I use PayPal to assure that both you, the commissioner, and I get protection from fraud. I am open to using other services (i.e Cashapp) but most other services do not offer buyer protection in most circumstances so they are not preferred.

What I'll Do
Things I will generally accept commissions for:
    • Original Characters
    • Dungeons and Dragons Characters
    • Fanart
    • Real people
    • Ships
    • Trans and LGBT headcanons
    • NSFW (need to provide ID)
      • Kink accepted and welcomed
Commissions I will generally reject:
    • Furries
    • NSFW of real people, involving minors (fictional or real), or otherwise questionable
    • Mimicking other artstyles
    • Heavy mecha, cars, etc
    • Anything fetishizing minorities or portaying minorities in a bigoted way
What Can I Use My Commission For?
You can use your commission for profile pictures, a visual reference for websites like Toyhouse, printing for personal use, etc. I do not allow commissions to be used for commercial use unless discussed first. If you would like to use your commission in this way, let me know and we can discuss licensing fees. I also do not allow my work to be altered in any way without approval. This includes but is not limited to editing, filters, or drawing over my work.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let's get to the reason youre probably on this page! Please note that these are just my base prices-- final quotes depend on complexity and how long I think it will take for me to finish a piece. These prices are for my digital painting commissions, if you are interested in an acrylic or watercolor piece I only offer quotes through email exchange.
  • Sketches - These come with a refined sketch of the subject of your choosing, flat colors, and a simple background.  Backgrounds can be flat color or rough sketch with block coloring. Discounts will apply for getting a piece with more than one subject.
    • Bust (Shoulder-Up): $15 
    • Half-Body (Waist-Up): $20
    • Full-Body: $25
  • Finished Pieces - These are fully painted and rendered pieces. Comes with a simple but finished background. In my example pieces, all of them qualify as 'simple'. Discounts will apply for getting a piece with more than one subject.
    • Bust (Shoulder-Up): $30
    • Half-Body (Waist-Up): $35
    • Full-Body: $40

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